About TDBT

They Dwell Beneath the Temples’ (TDBT) official website was founded as a place to post original music, and later became a blog dedicated to topics such as Bible prophecy and other information in the truth seeking genre.

Song writer, producer and vocalist Jay Cooper released:
• 14-track demo in 2011
• 6-track EP, Jag You Are, in February 2012
• 10-track album, Courier Six, in December 2012
• 9-track album, Survive Suburbia, in April 2013
• 8-track album, Gold Plated Dawn, in December 2013
• 7-track album, Outshine the False Light, in April 2015
(Outshine the False Light is regarded by the artist as the first Christian album.)

In light of recent world developments and legerdemain surrounding the C0r0na V1rUss, They Dwell Beneath the Temples is now rededicated to the mission of producing new music. The writing and recording of new material is now in progress.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,
and His face shine upon you,