THEYDWELL.COM was founded as a place for They Dwell Beneath The Temples’ original music, and later expanded into a blog covering topics such as Bible prophecy and literature in the truth-seeking genre.

Songwriter, producer, and vocalist Jay Cooper began his music career in 2003 playing drums for four local metal and hardcore bands in Orlando, Florida: Sparing No Lives, Along Side Oni, Wavedash Through the Onslaught, and Years of Impact.

Sometime in 2009, They Dwell Beneath the Temples (TDBT) was birthed as an idea for a solo metal project. It soon evolved from a thought into a home studio.

TDBT Releases included:
• 10-track demo in 2011 (mixture of 6-string Les Paul and 7-string Ibanez, Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• 6-track EP, Jag You Are, in February 2012 (7-string Ibanez, Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• 10-track album, Courier Six, in December 2012 (7-string Ibanez, Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• 9-track album, Survive Suburbia, in April 2013 (all Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• 8-track album, Gold Plated Dawn, in December 2013 (all Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• 7-track album, Outshine the False Light, in April 2015. (all Epiphone bass, Toontrack DFH).
• Single, Everything Old Above the Earth, in March 2021. (7-string Jackson, Epiphone bass, Superior Drummer 3)

Outshine the False Light (2015) is regarded as Jay’s first Christian album. It became the first full album written after becoming a born-again Christian in 2013. Following the release of Outshine the False Light, Jay set off to start a family and earn a college degree which also meant an extended break from writing new music.

Six years later, They Dwell Beneath the Temples is now rededicated to producing music, this time with a handy 7-string Jackson, Superior Drummer 3, and the same 4-string Epiphone bass. The latest single, ‘Age of the Apocalyptic Man,’ releases everywhere July 4th, 2021.

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