THEYDWELL.COM was founded as a place for They Dwell Beneath The Temples’ original music, and later converted to a blog and media resource covering topics on Bible prophecy.

Songwriter, producer, and vocalist Jay Cooper began his music career in 2003 playing drums for four local metal and hardcore bands in Orlando, Florida: Sparing No Lives, Along Side Oni, Wavedash Through the Onslaught, and Years of Impact.

Sometime in 2009, They Dwell Beneath the Temples (TDBT) was birthed as an idea for a solo metal project. It soon evolved from a thought into a home studio. By 2015, Jay began an attempt to bring his salvation story into his music, producing the first album with Biblical lyrics. Outshine the False Light (2015) was the album that marked that major shift in lyrical content.

In 2022, Jay underwent a change of heart and has since let go of music production to make space for other things. In truth, the Lord called him to let go of metal and hardcore music. Musical taste, however, was only a small part of the story.

“I don’t want to judge anyone who wants to make Christian metal. I just don’t have much of a desire anymore to listen to it, or play it. I think my real motivation for writing was to draw attention to myself, rather than to glorify God. I would rather do something that glorifies God.”