Reawaken America Tour: Patriotic Christianity Knee Deep in the False Light New Age Movement

Scott McKay, aka the “Patriot Streetfighter,” spoke at the “Reawaken America” event held in Virginia Beach, VA, on July 8-9, 2022, as he has at many previous stops along the tour.

Scott McKay, aka. the Patriot Streetfighter

Dave Scarlett, founder of His Glory Ministries, also spoke at this event as discussed in this post ( During Dave Scarlett’s session he said patriots are coming forward to save this great republic and at the same time they’re becoming Christians because they realize only Jesus Christ is going to save this nation.

Dave Scarlett, left

Concerning Scarlett’s statements, however, we recognize that false converts are essentially being created because these people do not understand their need for a personal Savior. They have an ulterior motive. Those looking for Jesus to save this nation have the same attitude that the Jews had during Jesus’ time on earth. They weren’t interested in Jesus as the Savior of their souls, but rather as the savior of their physical kingdom.

Dave Scarlett interviews many of the speakers at each “Reawaken” event and this video ( is from Scarlett’s interview with Scott McKay. Scarlett’s wife is also featured.

At the 1:00 point we hear Scarlett say: “Warriors have to stick together.”

Scott McKay: “Yeah, yeah, that’s why we’re here. Everybody’s coalescing. We’re getting the same Christ- consciousness energy, drawing people in, coalescing together, so “we the people” can get on our feet and fight…there’s no victory without “we the people.”

18:21 McKay: “This energy force in this world, this frequency is rising so high…nothing is out of the reach of this Christ-consciousness. If you’re one of them, you’re getting smoked out.”

18:54 Scarlett: “So, in closing, what hope do you tell people?

McKay: “Expect a fight. Look, people are upset or afraid that we might have disruption in the supply chain; food, fuel, all these things. You have to remember something. The old system has to come down. If it doesn’t, and it’s intact, that means we can’t build the Garden of Eden with new architecture. So, if it gets tough, you gotta remember this is the beginning of their end.”

Now, in case anyone thinks Scott McKay just randomly used the phrase “Christ-consciousness” and isn’t aware he’s involved in the New Age, please consider the following information:

1) As shared in this post (, a global community called “UNIFYD” held a live-streamed event titled “THE SHIFT: The Informed Dozen” from July 9-10, 2022.

At the “about” link ( for their website we read: “When we UNIFY our consciousness and put our energy together, we shift our entire reality in ways that surpass even our wildest dreams! Our community was created to give people a place to come together and support the initiative of building a new system rooted out of compassion and love, and dedicated towards catalyzing humanity’s ascension.”

McKay was a host for the UNIFYD event as shown in one of the photos below.

2) As I have previously shared (, when McKay spoke at the “Reawaken” event held on June 17th-18th, 2021, at Influence Church in Anaheim, CA, he said the following:

At the 5:32 point: “I created the ‘Tipping Point’ on Revolution Radio, a show that was going to be about spiritual ascension and human consciousness…this truly is a spiritual warfare apparatus we are building to take on a satanic order… (we must go through) a spiritual ascension leap in the process…starting to discover the God-given power that you have, the same power that Christ had, that’s going to change, not just you, that’s going to change the consciousness of the planet…Why do you think Christ said you will do all of these works and even greater works than I? Spiritual ascension; that’s what’s in store for you. But, the matrix has been built to keep you suppressed, keep you from discovering that true power because if that true power of the Christ-consciousness rises and you can do miraculous things, it changes everything. The cabal can’t have you learn your true power. That’s why they built this machine to keep you down…your family is the spiritually connected people with the high frequency you are; your family is here and these are the people you are going to take back this planet with.”

3) As shared in this post (, Scott McKay and New Ager, Sacha Stone, appeared in this video ( that was published on May 13, 2022. Stone is the founder of The International Tribunal for Natural Justice, The New Earth Project, and the New Earth Festival which he hosts at his private resort, Akasha New Earth Haven, in Ubud, Bali.

Sacha Stone

Here are some of their statements:

4:33 Sacha Stone – “We are the remedy we seek; we’ve always been the remedy that we seek.”

5:28 Sacha Stone – “When one spiritualizes one aspect of reality one transmutes, one alchemizes it, into the other. The other is paradise, the Garden of Eden, the new earth as I call it. And, we all instinctually know we are the remedy we’ve been seeking. We have to build that new earth.”

8:42 Scott McKay – “If we want to build a ‘Sacha Stone’ vision of a new earth, which I am 1000% in support of, us building the Garden of Eden, then there’s no other choice. I don’t want to see any remnants of the system on any level because they’re a keystone of the system, had a certain mantelpiece, and it was an intention to do what it did. You know, we became this, just this whole, whole state of accepting this brings this acquiescent energy frequency that perpetuates more of it. We gotta just not dismantle it, we have to demolecularize the entire **** structure because I assure you our Creator looking down at this planet has to be looking, ‘This is nothing what I was putting in motion for these people.’ Right? On any level. But, he’s (referring to Sacha) right, it all comes to us. Look, everything has its purpose, even this system, this matrix. It’s what’s gonna help us evolutionary leap in spiritual consciousness because we pushed up against it so far and for so long. It had to be a natural rebellion of spirit to get us there…The idea, the premise, that we can refashion the whole world into whatever we can dream that serves humanity…We flip this thing to where every discovery, including open-source everything, has one purpose, to serve humanity, the powerful stars of this planet will be the people that make the biggest contribution to rescuing as many humans as possible. And, enlightening them, you know, and empowering them, with whatever material wealth comforts, environment, that allows them to be just completely happy. I mean, that’s, that’s the world I see coming. So, how do you know? Well, I don’t know. We’re gonna manifest it. I’m gonna keep saying it over and over. This is what we’re gonna do.”

So, from one “Reawaken America” speaker we hear a false gospel, and from another we hear New Age teaching, and yet so many attend these events thinking they have a Christian foundation!

Still praying for people to mark and avoid!

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